Posters created by the students of College Arthur Rimbaud in Marseille
Around the poet
Arthur Rimbaud from Marseille to Aden

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The project

There are thirteen letters in the name of Arthur Rimbaud, 13 is the number of the department of Bouches du Rhone and the 13th letter of the alphabet is the M... of Marseille. It was therefore ask Mr. Ernest Pignon-Ernest if he agreed the re-use of his silkscreen printing of 1978-1979 in order to be put in situation in Marseille (Hospital of The Conception, Street and monuments Rimbaud, Quai de la Joliette, etc,...). This work should be done by college students in the age of Arthur Rimbaud in his poetic period.

This educational, cultural and sporting project is an initiative of the MCNP (Motorcycle Club of the National Police). The goal is to compare Arthur Rimbaud's work (and Ernest Pignon-Ernest's work) with the interests of young people today. Our partner is the College Arthur Rimbaud in Marseille (ladies Aloujes and Sabino). Ernest Pignon-Ernest has agreed to play the game by remodeling his first Arthur Rimbaud with the second photograph of Carjat. Pebeo has graciously provided the painting.

Thirteen of these school work will be put up in Marseille this summer. Then, in early 2003, we will try to go in sidecar in the Horn of Africa and embark for Aden in order to put up the other part there (thirteen posters too). When we are done, we will file a report to the Museum Arthur Rimbaud in Charleville.

We wish this work to be viewed by as many people as possible and we thank everyone for their participation, particularly Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Without him, we could not do anything.

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School work by College Arthur Rimbaud in Marseille around a silkscreen printing by Ernest Pignon-Ernest.
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The bike

Letter to the Director of Messageries Maritimes, Marseille, 9th November 1891 (Dictated by Rimbaud to his sister, the day before his death) Item...............One tusk only Item...............2 tusks Item...............3 tusks Item...............4 tusks Item...............2 tusks Monsieur le Directeur, I wish to ask you if I will owe anything to your account. I wish to change today from this service, which I do not even know the name of, but in any case let it be the Aphinar line. All those lines are everywhere, here; and I, powerless, unhappy, can find nothing; the first dog you meet in the street will be able to tell you. So send me the list of fares from Aphinar to Suez. I am completely paralysed; therefore I wish to be embarked early. Tell me at what time I must be carried on board.

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