Arthur Rimbaud on screen and stage
Films and documentaries
  • De terre, de ciel, de Rimbaud (From Earth, From Sky, From Rimbaud), French documentary by Vincent Froehly, 2006.
  • Arthur Rimbaud, Chypre poste restante (Arthur Rimbaud, Cyprus poste restante), French documentary by Patrick Cazals, 2005.
  • L'Afrique de Rimbaud (Rimbaud's Africa), French documentary by Gael Metroz, 2005.
  • Voyage en Rimbaldie (Trampin'in Rimbaldia), French documentary by Muriel Harrar and Manuel Sanchez, 2004.
  • Quoi? l'Eternité (What? Eternity), French documentary by Etienne Faure, 2004.
  • Le Poème de la Mer (The Poem of the Sea), French cartoon by Erwan Le Gall, 2004.
  • Arthur Rimbaud, "Je est un autre"(Arthur Rimbaud, "I is someone else"), French documentary by Alain Romanetti, 2004.
  • Arthur Rimbaud, liberté libre (Arthur Rimbaud, Free Freedom), French documentary by Jean-Philippe Perrot, 1998.
  • Athar, sur les traces de Rimbaud (Athar, in the footsteps of Rimbaud), French documentary by Jean-Philippe Perrot, 1998.
  • Rainbow pour Rimbaud(Rainbow for Rimbaud), French movie by Jean Teulé, 1996.
  • Total Eclipse, French, Belgian and English movie by Agnieszka Holland, 1995.
  • Arthur Rimbaud, l'homme aux semelles de vent (Arthur Rimbaud, the man with soles of wind), Canadian and French TV serie by Marc Rivière, 1995.
  • Arthur Rimbaud, une biographie (Arthur Rimbaud, a biography), French movie by Richard Dindo, 1991.
  • Rimbaud le voleur de feu (Rimbaud the thief of fire), French movie by Charles Brabant, 1978.
  • Una Stagione all'inferno (A Season in Hell), French movie by Nelo Risi, 1971.


Shows and theatre
  • Arthur Rimbaud est l'étoile noire (Arthur Rimbaud is the black star)
    Show (15 new songs) by Michel Guyader, 2007.

  • Une saison en enfer (A Season in Hell)
    By the poetic company Une poignée d'loups en laisse. February 2007.

  • Sur les traces d'Arthur Rimbaud - le Spectacle Musical (On Arthur Rimbaud's footsteps - The Musical Show)
    By Arnaud Kerane and Richard Charest, 2007. With Jonathan Cerrada, Sophie Delmas, Pablo Villafranca, Pacal Lafa, Richard Charest and Lucie Bernardoni.

  • Les jours fragiles (Fragile days)
    Based on the novel by Philippe Besson. A production of the Complice Theatre. Adapted and directed by Denis Lavalou; Scenography by Paul Livernois and Denis Lavalou; Costumes by Johanne Laferiere and Denis Lavalou; Lighting by Stephane Menigot; Music by Ludovic Bonnier; With Ginette Morin, Marie-Josee Gauthier and Marcel Pomerlo. From 20th February to 10th March 2007 at the Prospero Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the videos.

  • Coup d'Blues - Rimbaud (A fit of the blues - Rimbaud)
    By Patrick Sibilli and Dom Bruneau. 2006.

  • Rimbaud le fils (Rimbaud The Son)
    Text by Pierre Michon. Directed by Philippe Renault. With Audrey Meulle and Cedric Simon. Corps Conducteurs Company, Les Dechargeurs Theatre, Paris, France, from 21st March to 22nd April, 2006.

  • Illuminations, Coloured Plates
    Directed by Thierry de Peretti. With Thibault De Montalembert, Marie Denarnaud, Alban Guyon. Theatre of The Croix-Rousse from 26th January to 28th January 2006, Lyon, France.

  • Rimbaud l'enragé (Rimbaud The Rabid)
    Directed by Didier Carette. With actors and musicians: Charlotte Castellat, Danielle Catala, Marie-Christine Colomb, Regis Goudot, Ghislain Lemaire. 2006.

  • L'homme avec le fusil sur le sable (The Man With The Rifle On The Sand)
    From A Season in Hell. Staging and dramaturgy by Guillermo Leon; Play by Julien Le Gargasson; Lightning by Guillaume Noel; Sounding by Antonin Le Gargasson. By Teatro del Viento, Franco-Mexican company, Espace 44 Theatre, 69001 Lyon. 2006, 2008. Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. The man goes through the desert in search of slaves to sell and guns to buy. From his memories and visions, geographic journey becomes a metaphor of the inner journey. The writer / director Guillermo Leon Mexican propose here to explore the current meaning of "A Season in Hell" and meet Rimbaud the merchant on African sands. The man is a prisoner of his own contradictions, confronting his vision of Western culture and barbarism to Wild Africa.

  • Carnet de damnés (Book of The Damned)
    From A Season in Hell. Production by the FragmenTheatre company; directed by Claude Laroche, Canada.

  • Clara Sermier chante Arthur Rimbaud (Clara Sermier sings Arthur Rimbaud)
    Seventeen songs with music by Leo Ferre, Jannick Top, Sylvain Griotto. Theatre du Renard, 75004 Paris, 2006.

  • Circeïa: Une saison en enfer (Circeia: A Season in Hell)
    Musical show played at the Espace guinguette, Vevey, Switzerland, April 2006. Directed by Pascale Gudel; Music composition and guitar 12 strings: Gregory Monnat; Actresses: Pascale Gudel and Geraldine Egel; Accordion: Delphine Hager; Piano: Francesco Salis; Alto saxophone: Xavier Good; Lighting: Vincent Scalbert; Photography: Stephane Richard.

  • Rimbaud, l'alchimie du verbe (Rimbaud, The Alchemy of The Verb)
    Play by Laurent Godet, with Laurent Godet. Directed by Amandine Denis. Artemis Company. 2005.

  • Un Ange en exil, de l'insoumission à la désertion (An Angel In Exile, From Insubordination To Desertion)
    Directed by John Arnold. Set by Ulysse Ketselidis and Angelo Fernandez; Lighting by Olivier Oudiou; Technical direction by Marc Bretonniere; Theodoros Group Production; Coproduction Agathe Alexis Company / L'instant d'une Résonance Company. With Bruno Boulzaguet, Jocelyn Lagarrigue.

  • L'aurore vous emplit d'un amour détergent (Dawn fills you with a cleansing love)
    Reading and video performance by Irene Tetaz and François Revaclier. 2004.

  • Une saison en enfer (A Season In Hell)
    Show directed by Frederic Dussenne; Music by Alberto Iglesias; Scenography by Marcos Vinals Bassols; Lighting by Renaud Ceulemans; Costumes by Lionel Lesire; Sound by Raymond Delepierre; Decor by De Muur; With Julien Roy and Alain Eloy. Theatre du Rideau de Brussels, Belgium. From 3rd March to 2nd April 2004.

  • L'espace dernier (The Last Space)
    Opera by Matthias Pintscher, based on texts by Arthur Rimbaud. Directed by Michael Simon. Set by Michael Simon. Costumes by Anna Eiermann ; Video by Dominik Rinnhofer ; Conductor Kwame Ryan; Paris National Opera's Orchestra; Choregraphy by Ron Thornhill. Bastille Opera, February and March 2004.

  • Hommes aux semelles de vent (Men with soles of wind)
    Choreography with five tableaus for two dancers and an actress, born of a certain analogy between two large timeless poets: Arthur Rimbaud and Jacques Brel. Choreographer Brigitte Canonne; Dancers Marinette Dozeville and Franck Settier; Actress Suzanne Cloutier; Soundtrack and video creation by Isabelle Wiedenhoff; Voice off Vincent Bourre and Pierre-Adrien Carton; Costumes by Nathalie Charbaut and Celine Bourgoin; Lighting by Stephane Bordonaro; Music by Jacques Brel. La Licorne Company.

  • Un coeur sous une soutane (A heart under a cassock)
    A 60 minutes solo after the Rimbaud's text in prose. With Olivier Lecoq ; Music by Johann Christoph Bach, Georg Friedrich Haendel; Directed by Christian Massas; Chant by Jean-Loup Charvet; Costumes by Anne Ar Moal; Lighting by Jocelyn Pras. 2003-2005.

  • Un ardennais nommé Rimbaud (An Ardennes inhabitant named Rimbaud)
    Sound and Light. By the troops of the Castle Cassine Cultural Association. 2001 and 2002.

  • Green
    Show written and performed by Serge Hureau, Montferrat and Michel Risse, after Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine poems. Music by Jean-Guy Coulange, Leo Ferre, Michel Risse. Friday 9th February 2001 at 20:30 at the Passager, Calais, France.

  • Des saisons en enfer, un amour fou (Seasons in hell, a crazy love)
    Play by Marius Constant. Directed by Daniel Mesguisch. Lyrical melodrama which tells in songs the love bethween Rimbaud and Verlaine. Arts Spring of Monte-Carlo, 1999. Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France, 23rd November to 2nd December 1999.

  • Rimbaud, dernière escale (Rimbaud, last call)
    Play directed by Nada Strancar, written by Michel Rachline and Laurent Malet after the correspondence of the Rimbaud family. Actors: Laurent Malet, Madeleine Marion, Ophelie Orecchia.
    From 13th January to 21st March 1999, Moliere Theatre, House of Poetry, Paris, France.

  • Viaggia, Viaggia Rimbaud
    Puppets show in Dell'Angolo Theatre, Turin, Italy, 7th July to 20th December, by Guido Cerronetti's Dei Sensibili Company. (Thank to Cristina)

  • Total Eclipse
    A drama in two acts and 12 scenes. Written by Christopher Hampton, directed by John Tillinger.
    With Michael Cerveris (Arthur Rimbaud), Peter Evans (Paul Valentine), Marissa Chibas (Mathilde Verlaine), Caitlin Clarke (Isabelle Rimbaud), Lynn Cohen (Eugene Krantz), Ann Hillary (Ms. Maute de Fleurville), I. M. Hobson (M. Maute de Fleurville/ Etienne Carjat), Adrian Sparks (Jean Aicard), Adam Storke (Charles Cros/Barman). December 13-16, 1984, Westside Arts Theatre/Downstairs.

    The action takes place in Paris, Brussels, and London from 10th September 1871 to 29th February 1982.
    Arthur Rimbaud - a remarkable but rebellious teen-age poet in 19th Century France who's philosophy of living life to the extreme inspired Jim Morrison and the rock generation. Paul Valentine, a writer of lesser talent who is torn between his growing infatuation with Rimbaud and the domestic demands of his patient wife. Together, these two men feed each other's insatiable hunger for life and love, trying desparately to straddle the lines between knowledge and self-destruction, creativity and delusion.
    It is a true story of one man's search for the ultimate poem, another man's search for the ultimate soulmate, and the brilliant madness they find together.