Posters created by the students of College Arthur Rimbaud in Marseille
Around the poet
Arthur Rimbaud from Marseille to Aden

The posters created by the students photographed in Africa, February 2005.

The project has been delayed. It has been impossible to obtain a visa for Yemen and authorization for the landing of side-cars in the port of Aden. The bikers have to give up the Horn of Africa. So they went in Libya, with Arthur in their luggage. Since then, they have succeeded in conducting many other projects. You can follow them on their blog

p40.jpg p41.jpg p42.jpg p43.jpg p44.jpg p45.jpg p46.jpg p47.jpg p48.jpg p49.jpg p50.jpg p51.jpg p52.jpg p53.jpg p54.jpg p55.jpg p56.jpg p57.jpg p58.jpg p59.jpg p60.jpg p61.jpg p62.jpg p63.jpg p64.jpg p65.jpg p66.jpg p67.jpg p68.jpg p69.jpg p70.jpg p71.jpg p72.jpg p73.jpg p74.jpg p75.jpg p76.jpg p77.jpg p78.jpg p79.jpg p80.jpg p81.jpg p82.jpg p83.jpg p84.jpg p85.jpg p86.jpg p87.jpg p88.jpg p89.jpg

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