Rimbaud by Etienne Szabo

E-Mail: etienne.szabo@planet-interkom.de
Website: http://www.etienne-szabo.de/


Illustrations of Rimbaud's poems. The artist is currently preparing a new series of paintings for the 150th anniversary of the poet's birth.

You can buy the bilingual wallet "The Sleeper in the Valley" (German/French), containing six cards illustrated by the artist's works for the price of 6 (8 with shipping). Click on the picture for further details.

The Sleeper in the Valley by Etienne Szabo My Drunken Boat 90 by Etienne Szabo My Bohemian Life by Etienne Szabo Sun and Flesh by Etienne Szabo Sensation by Etienne Szabo The Sleeper in the Valley by Etienne Szabo

Courtesy of the artist. All Rights Reserved.