News 2003

27/12/2003 La Cassine: Un ardennais nommé Rimbaud: The show.


24/12/2003 L'Union: An Inhabitant of the Ardennes named Hureaux.
For the hundred fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the poet with soles of wind, Yanny Hureaux publishes again the enriched book that he devoted to him in 1991 "Un Ardennais nommé Rimbaud" (an Inhabitant of the Ardennes named Rimbaud).

With a foreword by Andre Velter and photographs by Gerard Rondo, the book shows the visceral attachment of Rimbaud for the Ardennes (Nuée Bleue Publisher).


11/12/2003 L'Union: Mélin is invited at Arthur Rimbaud.
For the 150th birthday of the birth of Arthur Rimbaud, Michel Mélin wants to contribute to the celebration of 2004.

After Verlaine, a Rimbaud CD:
In 2001, Michel Mélin had recorded Verlaine's poems on a music by Arnaud Zeller, he has just reiterated the same exercise for Rimbaud. The two interpreters of the first album are there: Aline Korol-Zeller with the violin and Christelle Pierson with the piano.
It is again an album presented in a special small pocket, designed by Muriel Gerard, the editor of the "Cosmographes d'Alizar", a young company of the south-west, with which Michel Mélin continues to work. As for Verlaine, the actor didn't only read a selection of Rimbaud's poems but he linked texts the ones to the others without announcing the titles.
The CD will be limited to a hundred specimens, on sale by correspondence (30Euros) at Théâtre d'Ern, boîte postale 304, 08104 Charleville-Mézières, France.

"High poetry" for October 20, 2004:
A visual and sound spectacle around the "High Rimbaldian Poetry", as said by the actor, seems programmed seriously. In any case, a date is set. A symbolic date: creation and premiere at Charleville theatre on October 20, 2004, Rimbaud's birthday date. It will be a coproduction between the Theatre of Ern, the theatre of Charleville and the cultural space of the Turrets in Vouziers where a representation will take place the following week.
A spectacle that will have four different titles. Here the first: "These are weird guys who live by their pen, or they don't live!". It will be necessary to create several posters.

Summary of Patrick Flaschgo's article.


01/11/2003 The section dedicated to Songs have been updated, with a new Italian song by Roberto Vecchioni, transcripted and translated in French by Annalisa. The Rimbaud on scene and on screen page has been updated, as well as the one dedicated to Herve Constant Gallery. Herve has recently created an English page dedicated to Rimbaud.

A new section about Gilles Simon's Rimbaud 2004 project has been created. I already talk about that project in the bottom of that page (March 2003). The marathonian-poet is still searching for some sponsors to support the project. If you would like to help, here is a page where you can learn more about him and how to contact him.


19/10/2003 Here is an animation in Flash created by Sandra around Rimbaud, illustrated with her drawings and a song she wrote.


12/05/2003 Un Coeur sous une soutane: Here is a new site which presents a show by the professional company Amédée Bricolo, after Arthur Rimbaud's work "Un coeur sous une soutane" (A heart under a soutane). You will find there a presentation of the text, of the book and all the details about the show and the actors.


The website Rimbaud Sillages has moved to another location. Think to update your bookmarks.

About songs around Rimbaud, in her new album "Fleuve Congo", Valérie Lagrange set the poem "Sensation" to music.
Gérard Manset had written the song "Etre Rimbaud" (Being Rimbaud) for Raphaël's new album "La réalité". You can listen to an excerpt of the song on "" and read Raphaël's interview on MusicActu.
Then, you can download on that site an old and very moving song by Alain Aurenche: "Rimbaud". It talks about Rimbaud's long suffering on his way back from Africa to Marseilles when sick. I will try to make the transcript of the song as soon as possible, perhaps the translation, but well, I'm late, so late.

Thanks a lot to Richard, Bernard and Giancarlo for their contribution!


05/03/2003 Cap08: Project Rimbaud 2004
The poetic objective of three marathonians.

The first one is doctor, the second physiotherapist, the third poet and the fourth photographer. They will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rimbaud's birth by a pedestrian relay from Roche to Charleville and going through Aden.

The basic concept
What is it? It is a pedestrian relay carried out by three Ardennais marathonians, with declamatory pauses between Roche and Charleville, then between Djibouti and Harar in Ethiopia, with also three circuits, in Aden in Yemen, in Marseilles, and finally in Charleville-Mézières.

When? From October 20, 2004; date of the 150th anniversary of Arthur Rimbaud's birth.

Why? To promote alive poetry and sport in Ardenne, from here towards elsewhere, because, for Arthur Rimbaud, the movement of the spirit and the movement of the bodies are never distant one from the other.

Sponsored by who? By those who symbolize the writings and the movement, all at the same time: technicians of sports, the post office, the SNCF and airline companies, the cities which accomodated Arthur Rimbaud, associative and political leaders, great sportsmen, writers and all those that the culture and the sport do not let indifferent.

What will remain about it? A film shot from the 4X4 vehicle that will escort...

Because for Gilles Simon poetry is indissociable from walk, he is thinking about a work. Before the departure, impelled by the writings of Hobette, a collection of poems to the glory of Rimbaud will be published during October 2004.

The title will be "Lignes de fuite" (Escape lines?). It will be illustrated by landscapes of Ardennes sticking to the life of the poet, like the "old Mill", the washing-place of Roche or the station of Voncq.

To learn more about that project and why not, to support it, you can visit Cap08 (In French). You can also read the article of l'Union Rimbaud 2004 (Also in French).


L'Union en ligne: 150th anniversary of the birth of Rimbaud: 2004, it is tomorrow!
We can say that 2004 it is practically tomorrow! If we want the celebration to be equal to the event.
Of course, the town of Charleville-Mézières already announced its project of rehabilitation of the house, 7 quai Rimbaud, where the poet from Charleville lived with his family from 1869 to 1875 (a project that will make possible to finally open it to the artists and to the public), but obviously there will be other initiatives.
And for this reason, a full session, chaired by the prefect Bernard Lemaire and the mayor Claudine Ledoux, took place at the Rimbaud Museum, gathering all the local, departmental, regional and national actors, interested in the highest degree.
A Rimbaud 2004 committee chaired by Jean-François Deniau...


19/02/2003 New drawing in Rimbaud's Album: a portrait of Arthur Rimbaud by Monique Henrion, nicely sent to me by the author.

Also a new song called "Arthur" in the Songs section. Lyrics and music by "Les Garçons Bouchers" (in French). Thanks to Stéphane Bouvet.

David is back on the forum, with explanations around the poem "Vowels" (In French). Think to take a look there from time to time for the lastest news. That section and some others are now opened to members only, to protect their work from stealers as I had a lot of problems to solve with dishonest webmasters those past months. And thanks again to all the contributors who share with us their interest for Rimbaud.