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Arthur Rimbaud, by Herve Constant The Trunk, by Herve Constant More words, by Herve Constant Drunken Boat, by Herve Constant A Arthur, by Herve Constant The Stolen Heart, by Herve Constant Autumn already, by Herve Constant on the way back, by Herve Constant Omega, by Herve Constant Eternity, by Herve Constant Arthur Rimbaud, Marseilles, by Herve Constant Flags, by Herve Constant Anchor and Wheel, by Herve Constant Rudder and Grappling Hook, by Herve Constant Dream, by Herve Constant Vowels, by Herve Constant

"The Museum Rimbaud in Charleville-Mezieres is a permanent tribute to the young poet.

The life and work of Arthur Rimbaud are mentioned there by many accounts but the difficulty in such an undertaking is to give life and soul to this presentation.

The emotion must be present, and this is by hosting artists and poets that the Rimbaud Museum accesses greater authenticity.

Herve Constant explored this path with a sensitivity and poetic intuition that put his painting away from the usual currents.

Many artists are seduced by the opportunity to illustrate the work of the poet, the writing of Rimbaud is appropriate, Rimbaud's writing lends itself to the richness of sensations and colorful images. Hervé Constant went well beyond; The life of Arthur Rimbaud is in his painting, we find both the sand and desert light, suffering and loneliness. Herve Constant's paintings are woven of silence, they invite to a meeting with the poet."

Alain Tourneux, Curator of the Museum Arthur Rimbaud, 1992.

The first three paintings were acquired by the Museum Rimbaud in Charleville.

Courtesy of the artist. Photos © Herve Constant. All Rights Reserved.