La Tronche à Machin
Rimbaud's Album

space The title of this album "La Tronche à Machin" comes from a drawing of Arthur Rimbaud after his friend Ernest Delahaye circa 1875. Rimbaud had shaved his head as a sign of mourning after the death of his young sister Vitalie.

You will find here drawings made by Arthur, by his friends and relatives: his sister Isabelle, Paul Verlaine, Ernest Delahaye, Felix Regamey, Germain Nouveau... They often illustrated their correspondance. Having no news about their friend once he has left for the Unknown, they imagined his life, with a lot of humour.

In the second part, you will find works by several artists that the poet inspires like Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Jules Franck Mondoloni, Herve Constant, David Wojnarowicz, Pascal Debruxelles and so on.

Most of the drawings have been taken from the splendid book of Claude Jeancolas "Passion Rimbaud: L'Album d'une vie" (the album of a life), and from the book "Rimbaud l'heure de la fuite, by Alain Borer". They come from Rimbaud's Museum-Library in Charleveille-Mézières or from private collections.

La Tronche à Machin - 2nd part

Arthur Rimbaud's Photographies and self portraits

Arthur Rimbaud, 10 years old, among the pupils of Rossat Institute. The 3rd seated from the left. Arthur Rimbaud (seated) and his brother Frédéric as communicants, 1866. Arthur Rimbaud in September-October 1871. 1st photograph by Etienne Carjat. Arthur Rimbaud in September-October 1871. 2nd photograph by Etienne Carjat. Rimbaud on the terrace of a house, self-portrait from 1883. Rimbaud in a coffee garden, self-portrait from 1883. Rimbaud in a banana garden, self-portrait from 1883. Rimbaud in a banana garden, detail. Self-portrait from 1883 altered by Paterne Berrichon. Portrait of group with Arthur Rimbaud pressed on his rifle, caption 'Near Aden. Before lunch, Sheikh-Othman, circa 1880'. Portrait of group with Arthur Rimbaud pressed on his rifle, caption 'Surroundings of Aden. Before the lunch at Sheikh-Othman, circa 1880 (detail).' 'On the terrace of the hotel de l'Univers', best known as 'A corner of table in Aden.' 'On the terrace of the hotel de l'Univers', best known as 'A corner of table in Aden, detail.'

On the 2 last photographs, the presence of Rimbaud is supposed. For further details on the controversy, please refer to Alain Bardel's website.
On the study of Rimbaud's face, so often altered, here are some other links:
- Jacques Desse: "Rimbaud retouché",, 29 janvier 2011.
- Jacques Bienvenu: "Connaitrons-nous jamais la vraie image de Rimbaud?", Le Magazine Littéraire n° 498, juin 2010.

Arthur Rimbaud's Family

Vitalie Rimbaud (1825-1907), mother of the poet Arthur Rimbaud. Albumen print, circa 1890 at the Roche farm. Vitalie Rimbaud, sister of the poet, at the age of fifteen years. Isabelle Rimbaud (1860-1917). Source : Le Figaro.

Arthur Rimbaud's Drawings

Drawings by Arthur Rimbaud in his notebook when 10 years old. 3 heads of bourgeois : children's drawings on the Rimbaud family Atlas. A grotesque, by Arthur Rimbaud Horace Vernet taking the French army on the fact, by Arthur Rimbaud Laitou my village, by Arthur Rimbaud Rimbaud by himself, Letter to Ernest Delahaye, on May 1873 Pot at the window, by Arthur Rimbaud Young driver in London. Drawing of Arthur Rimbaud. London 1873

Rimbaud by Paterne Berrichon (1857-1922)

Rimbaud at age 12, by Paterne Berrichon, his brother-in-law posthumously. Rimbaud by Paterne Berrichon Arthur Rimbaud at age 30, par Paterne Berrichon

Rimbaud by Frédéric-Auguste Cazals (1865-1941)

Profile of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine in the shade, by Frederic-Auguste Cazals My friend Arthur Rimbaud illuminated by Frederic-Auguste Cazals, 1897

Rimbaud by Armand Coussens (1881-1935)

Frontispiece portrait of Arthur Rimbaud by Armand Coussens..

Rimbaud by Ernest Delahaye (1853-1930)

Arthur circa 1870 by Ernest Delahaye Arthur in 1871 by Ernest Delahaye Arthur Rimbaud in 1871 by Ernest Delahaye. Rimbaud met his friend Ernest Delahaye in a street in Charleville in 1875 - The Capuchin sports Arthur Rimbaud entraînant Delahaye et Millot, par Ernest Delahaye Scène d'intérieur : une aventure de Rimbe, par Ernest Delahaye, 1872 Le Roi Nègre par Ernest Delahaye, 1876 Arthur Rimbaud chez les Cafres par Ernest Delahaye, 1876 La Tronche à machin. Dessin d'Ernest Delahaye, 1875 Arthur Rimbaud écrivant une lettre dans un café, par Ernest Delahaye Un coursier capellophobe et Rimbaud philomathe, par Ernest Delahaye Arthur Rimbaud vers des horizons inconnus par Ernest Delahaye, 1876 Rimbaud sur le 70ème parallèle par Ernest Delahaye Le nouveau Juif errant : Arthur Rimbaud par Ernest Delahaye, 1876 Un missionnaire qui vient de Charleville, par Ernest Delahaye, 1876 Rimbaud et Delahaye après le grand voyage, par Ernest Delahaye

Rimbaud by Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904)

Le Coin de Table de Henri Fantin-Latour, 1872

Rimbaud by Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

Qui s'y frotte s'y pique. Dessin de Arthur Rimbaud par Forain. Arthur Rimbaud peignant Paul Verlaine, par Jean-Louis Forain Portrait de Rimbaud par Jean-Louis Forain Portrait de Rimbaud par Jean-Louis Forain Lavis inédit d'Arthur Rimbaud, par Louis Forain

Rimbaud by Alfred-Jean Garnier (1853-c.1910)

Portrait de Rimbaud par Garnier

Rimbaud by André Gill (1840-1885)

Arthur Rimbaud à la proue de son bateau ivre, par André Gill

Arthur Rimbaud by Manuel Luque

Arthur Rimbaud par Manuel Luque Caricature de Rimbaud par Manuel Luque

Rimbaud by Germain Nouveau (1851-1920)

Le quartier latin (Rimbaud est à gauche) par Germain Nouveau, vers 1875

Rimbaud by Félix Regamey (1844-1907)

Arthur Rimbaud par Félix Regamey, septembre 1872 Paul Verlaine et Arthur Rimbaud à Londres, automne 1872, par Félix Régamey

Rimbaud by Isabelle Rimbaud

Arthur jouant de la harpe, par Isabelle Rimbaud Arthur Rimbaud, malade à Roche, en 1891, quelques temps avant sa mort. Dessin d'Isabelle Rimbaud. Arthur mourant. Dessin d'Isabelle Rimbaud. Arthur. Dessin d'Isabelle Rimbaud. Arthur sur son lit de mort, par Isabelle Rimbaud

Rimbaud par Jef Rosman

Rimbaud blessé, peinture à l'huile de Jef Rosman

Rimbaud by Paul Verlaine (1844-1896)

Reproduction d'un croquis de Paul Verlaine Arthur Rimbaud par Paul Verlaine, juin 1872 Ultissima Verba, par Paul Verlaine, 1875 Dargnières nouvelles (Rimbaud dépouillé à Vienne) par Paul Verlaine, 1876 La musique adoucit les moeurs, par Paul Verlaine Les voyages forment la jûnesse, par Paul Verlaine Arthur Rimbaud en Kanak par Paul Verlaine, 1876 Portrait d'Arthur Rimbaud. Illustration figurant sur l'édition originale des Poètes Maudits Aspect de Cannon Street à 10 o'clock of morning, par Paul Verlaine

La Tronche à Machin - 2nd part