About the site

My bilingual website was launched in August 1998 at Club-Internet, my first Internet provider. It was dedicated to both Arthur Rimbaud and Leonardo DiCaprio, who played the French Poet in "Total Eclipse".
On December 1998, I moved the site to Multimania. To get rid of ads, I choosed the Swiss host Infomaniak in March 2002. In January 2003, after a brief stint at Online.net due to some problems with bandwidth quotas (DiCaprio fever!), the site was back to Infomaniak.

The DiCaprio part was definitely closed in January 2006.

After more than 15 years of existence, the website is closing. However, some French pages and the whole English part will remain online for students, as archives.

Thank to every artist, writer, researcher, follower and passerby who gave me their support and valuable contribution over the years. They allowed me to enrich the content daily and to stay tuned in Rimbaud's news.

Special thanks to Angie, Dany, Claire Arnold, Marcie Lucas and John Evans who helped me for the translation of Rimbaud's biography in English (I apologize for some awkward and imprecise translations. English is not my native langage); to Miguelito and Sparco who gave me some interesting URLs; to Rod for his explanations about frames and targets at the very beginning; to Nelleke who sent me many poems translated by Oliver Bernard.

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