spaceWhen the world is reduced to a single dark wood for our four eyes' astonishment, - a beach for two faithful children, - a musical house for one pure sympathy, - I shall find you.

Should there be here below but a single old man, handsome and calm in the midst of "incredible luxury", I shall be at your feet.

Should I have realized all your memories, - should I be the one who can bind you hand and foot, - I shall strangle you.


When we are very strong, - who draws back? very gay, - who cares for ridicule? When we are very bad, - what would they do with us.

Deck yourself, dance, laugh, - I could never throw Love out of the window.


- My comrade, beggar girl, monster child! O it's all one to you these unhappy women, these wiles, and my discomfiture. Bind yourself to us with your impossible voice, your voice! sole soother of this vile despair.

French version