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Album Zutique's Frontispiece. Claude Jeancolas's document. Passion Rimbaud: The Album of a Life.

space.gif This is an album of 48 pages composed of poems written by Paul Verlaine and his friends. They used to met in a room of the third floor at Hôtel Des Etrangers, on boulevard Saint-Michel, at the corner of the streets Racine and Ecole-de-Médecine.

space.gif They were kidding, smoking, drinking, reciting verse and playing piano. They were known as The Vilains Bonhommes (Naughty Fellows). Thereafter, they were renamed Zutist Circle (or Zutic Circle) by Charles Cros.

The poets had great fun to parody themselves, and to parody some Parnassians, preferably in an obscene way. Rimbaud was very brilliant with this exercise.

The Album was first published in 1943. The name of the parodied poet appears in first, followed by the initials of the author of parody.

Index of poems